Monday, February 1, 2010

playing kool v02 (mixed by dkool)

It's interesting that my most listened set by my fellow dj/producer friends in the last few months is actually playing kool v01 -- a chill out and downtempo mix. Many have been asking me to get a new set out. So for the last few weeks I've been listening to lots of new chill out songs, and choosing the right tune for this new set.

This first set has my best 12 but I have a few more that seems to be as good too -- and so possibly I'll try to mix another set soon.

In the mean time, enjoy this set. It's a slow set (the songs are all between 90-110 bpm). Play this as you hang out on the beach, as you drive back from work, or as you spend that chilling time with your partner.

1. Zen-Men – Obsession (The Yang Mix)
2. Emancipator – All Through The Night
3. Ephemeral – Ephix
4. Eddie Silverton – Dreams
5. Clelia Felix – Hold On To My Love
6. J. Axel feat. Asrid Suryanto - Start Receiving
7. Michael E – Baby
8. Jean Mare – Time For Two (Chill Lounge Mix)
9. Boot Cut Rockers – Deep In Our Heart
10. Clelia Felix – Always In My Mind
11. Soulbar – All Around The World (Chill Del Mar Mix)
12. Pleasure Lounge – Dreamworks

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